Expressive Dance Class Descriptions

Mini-Movers (ages 2-3)    

modern dance

Our Mini-Movers Class is a fun intro to movement, motor skill development, and creative expression. Incorporating basic rhythms, movement patterns and musical instraments while learning to follow a teacher’s directions and engaging in a social setting with other 2 and 3 year olds. Music from around the world is played during class to broaden the musical ear and explore the curious dance mind!

A Happy Note: Mini-Movers, ages 2-3, have their very own Mini-performances held at our studio at the end of each of their 6 week session. Parents do not need to buy costumes, makeup is not worn and performances are generally a half hour or less. Tickets are $5 each and we hold a small reception celebration at the end of each show! Our Mini-Performances provide a gentle introduction for our little movers; teaching them what it means to perform in front of an audience and Comfortable introducing them to “the big stage”.


contemporary ballet


Contempo! (ages 9-12)

*MUST be enrolled in our Ballet 1 or 2 classes to join this class.

Contempo! dance draws on both classical ballet and modern techniques. Offering strong but controlled body work of ballet with liberated movements such as contract and release, floor work, fall and recovery, improvisation and chance dance. We'll explore unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction and reach across our creative thoughts through music and movement exploration. At CBM, dancers are encouraged to become a versatile and nuanced performer through equal emphasis on both modern and ballet techniques.