Expressive Dance Class Descriptions

Mini-Movers (ages 2-3)

Our Mini-Movers Class is geared toward the independent toddler! If your little mover is showing signs of “doing it by myself” or if your wanting to practice some self-reliance with your young one then this is the class for them!

Mini-Movers Class is a fun intro to movement, motor skill development, and creative expression. Incorporating basic rhythms, movement patterns and musical instraments while learning to follow a teacher’s directions and engaging in a social setting with other 2 and 3 year olds.

ballet class for toddlers

Dance Together (ages 2-3)

Our Dance Together Classes follows the same concepts and curriculum as our Mini-Movers Classes only this one requires parent participation. Maybe your mini is shy, or isn’t quite ready to take on a class by themselves or maybe you just want to dance and learn along side your little one! This class provides an easy intro for your little dancer while exploring movement and music together.

dance class for toddlers

Sing With Me! (ages 1.5-3)

Does your little star love to sing? Every time a song comes on does he or she start to sway and mimic the musical sounds? In this interactive class you and your child will learn delightful songs, dances and musical activities that focus on singing and keeping a steady beat to enhance timing, coordination, listening and language skills. Bond with your little star while developing his or her listening and motor skills, language development and sense of balance and timing. You both will learn actives and action songs to share in class and use at home!